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If you’ve seen me here or there on social media, then you know me as “WoahLock“™. It’s a name I sort of picked up on Twitter because of the fact I play and post quite a lot about Blizzard Entertainment’s® World of Warcraft, and I main a Warlock. I love Warlocks, I don’t care if anyone disagrees with me. I live for that sweet moment where you launch a Chaos Bolt right into some nugget’s face. Aah, utter bliss.

Primarily, what I am trying to achieve with this blog is an outlet. A way for me to channel either my creativity, my anxiety, my anger, my depression, or just my sense of the absurd. I’m hoping if I have a single place to sort of wrangle all of the chaos together, it might be less likely to run amok inside my head [or fly out of my mouth]. At any given time I might have a thousand different thoughts running through my mind, so maybe if I can put some of them down here they will be less likely to bounce around the inside of my skull like a ping-pong ball. So, yeah, I wouldn’t expect much rhyme or reason to much that goes on here. Just being honest. It seemed the right thing to do. LOL.

Listed below are all the various links where you can find me. If you want to contact me directly, and don’t want to play i-spy via a bunch of my links then you can send me a message directly from this website by using the “Contact Me” page. It has a handy little panel where you can leave your name, email, and comment (all optional) and once you click “submit” it will whoosh itself off to one of my email addresses. Please keep in mind: response times will vary. I get very busy sometimes, and can rarely remember what day of the week it is let alone that I have mail. Please be patient.

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