I love when it is late at night. It’s so quiet and still. No hustle and flow, no rush and go. Just calm, and gentle. The sky feels different. The air smells different. The entire world transforms into some other-worldly thing that those day dwellers are unfamiliar of.

The day peels away, and the night takes hold and a steady lull drapes over the world and for a brief time even the most chaotic mind can find an inner peace.

I long for these times when it’s just me alone with my thoughts. No one trying to carry on asinine conversation with me, that I’m not remotely interested in. No one complaining about this or that. Just the ticking of the clock, and the clicking of my keyboard. It’s sublime.

The world outside after dark can be dangerous, and scary but when you’re safely tucked away inside your home it can be a wonderful time. To explore yourself, and those thoughts that get pushed away during the light of day.


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