Twisted Streaming…

Tonight I participated in my first ever stream. The guys over at Twisted Geekdom were playing Cards Against Humanity, and I was invited to come on and play with them.

As it was my first ever appearance on a live stream, that I knew was also going to be aired on YouTube, yeah I was a little nervous. Which usually results in me awkwardly talking too much followed by long silences.

All in all, I did alright. Minus a few inappropriate sexual comments, that I swear flew out of my mouth before my brain even knew what was happening! lol. Oh yeah, and the incident where I thought I had my mic muted, and started talking to someone in the room with me and a stream full of people said “Your mic’s not muted! Wop wop wop” *groans*

I did also find out tonight that I will be doing the narration for another story by Michelle S. Mavity for the next episode of Twisted Tales. Which is very cool. I narrated a story by her for the first podcast (Blood Moon Queen), and it was a really good story. I am looking forward to reading her holiday themed horror. She even jokingly said in stream that I should be sure and fix her typos when I go to record. To which I countered with, “Sure, so long as you remember I work for Funyuns.” Heh.

Me working for Funyuns is an on-going joke I have with Raz from the podcast. He doesn’t pay me, so I tell people I am the web slave and he chains me up and tosses me in a closet when I’m not working. He tosses Funyuns on the floor to feed me. Heh.

Well, time for me to go stretch out. My muscles are stiff from streaming for three hours. Ouch. Until next time.


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