Common Courtesy is a Fairy Tale…


Ever notice those special people at a store that don’t follow the rules of polite society? The ones that stick their fingers in food, or (I’ve actually seen happen) people that lick the tops of donuts and then put them back in the case? Who raised these people? Wild animals? A pack of ill-mannered wolves, rabid hyenas, jackals? I have yet to figure out what species these people even are.

I have heard, or seen so many insane and truly abhorrent behaviors when out shopping. It’s almost staggering. Just when you think your faith in humanity can’t sink any lower.

I’ve heard about women opening up packs of feminine hygiene products, and taking one out for personal use without purchase. I’ve heard of people trying to return used condoms *massive uber barf*. The depravity goes on and on.

I remember once when I was working my very first job, as a cashier at a local convenience store. A young girl came in trying to buy a bunch of junk food with an EBT (Foodstamp) card. Most of what she was trying to buy wasn’t EBT chargeable, meaning it had tax on it. So while I am voiding off her attempted purchases, she is standing there gulping down the Slush Puppee she was trying to buy. All while staring me right in the eye, fully aware of what she was doing.

This girl wasn’t too young to know better, she was probably 12 or 13, so I can only surmise that this was behavior she learned from one or both of her parents. I was pretty pissed off at that situation, not at her personally, but at her parents for not teaching her that essentially stealing from a store is wrong.

It just seems like no one teaches courtesy anymore. When I was young, my mother made sure I knew what was and was not acceptable behavior in public. Yes, there were many times over the years I stretched the boundary of what I got away with but I always knew there was a limit.

I just want to live in a world where people know not to lick food they haven’t paid for, or not to touch someone’s private body parts without their permission. Too many people take liberties that they are not entitled to. These are supposed to be things that were covered in kindergarten. Some people clearly need a refresher course.


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