Getting in the Spirit…


Despite myself, I seem to be getting into the spirit of the holiday season. Something I usually do not do. I haven’t really participated in the holidays in probably 10 years, maybe longer.

For whatever reason though, this year I seem to have caught the holiday bug. That’s not to say  I’ve decorated, or sold any organs to buy every one I know a present. I have been less of a Grinch than previous years. For me, that is a huge amount of progress.

I will say, too many people tend to go entirely overboard during the holidays. Screaming about the war on christmas, coffee cups, whether or not people say “happy holidays” or “merry christmas”, really people? Really?

I was under the impression this season was about being with the people you love, and being grateful for what you have, and for giving to others. Not for acting like a holiday sociopath on a rampage.

I personally do not care if someone wishes me a merry/happy whatever, it’s the gesture that counts. And whatever my reply may be, it should also be the gesture that counts. I don’t celebrate christmas, so it wouldn’t sound right if I told someone “merry christmas”; however, don’t make assumptions about what I am. For all you know I celebrate Hannukah. You don’t know, unless you have respect enough for others to ask.

There are approximately 31 other winter holidays happening around christmas time, so don’t assume because someone says “happy holidays” to you that means they are anti-christmas. #AllHolidaysMatter =P heh.

Oh yeah, and spellcheck, feel free to lose the attitude every time I don’t capitalize the word “christmas”, as if it’s somehow misspelled because it doesn’t have a “C”. Last thing I need is lip from my laptop too.

So, everyone, just come together. Love each other, or at the very least put aside the hate for a little while. Let the drama go, and be the best version of yourselves you can be this holiday season. Also, send me lots and lots of holiday food. We needs it, don’t we Precious?

Until next time.


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