Go Gurl. No Really, Go!


I really don’t want to come off sounding like I’m hating here, but seriously I am just so done with seeing cleavage almost every single time I see a “gamer gurl”. What happened to posting content that was interesting, and informational? I am fully aware that sex sells, I wasn’t born yesterday but come on ladies!

It seems like there isn’t a stream, channel, or website I can go to where I’m not subjected to some 20-something year old girl’s cleavage, and 6 lbs. of makeup that looks like it was applied by a paint roller. I mean, dang honey, it’s makeup not Thompson’s waterseal.

I feel like too many of these girls are afraid they won’t be taken seriously unless they are hanging out the top of their shirts. Which is not the case, I know a LOT of streamers/YouTubers/podcasters that are women, and keep covered up and do a fantastic job and have earned plenty of respect from their peers. I’m sure they get trolled from time to time, but anyone online does nowadays. It just comes with being a presence online. Unfortunately.

I have so much respect for anyone that puts themselves out there online, but especially women. It just gets frustrating to see over and over again the same sexual objectification being proliferated by the very women that should be sick to death of it.

I’m more than familiar with the old adage, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” but at what point have you traded your soul for a follower count? Yeah, you get paid for those followers you’re bringing in, but at what price?

It’s become one of those things where I will go out of my way to steer clear of an online personality that I know is a cleavage shower. Or someone that acts like a vapid airhead, because apparently smart girls don’t attract viewers in some people’s minds.

I just want my news/reviews/data/facts/etc without a near-nipple encounter, is that really asking for so much?

I guess I just feel like if we’re living in a “Grab them by the P*ssy” kind of world, we need to decide on our own worth and project it to others. Not continue to give people a reason to tell us we’re in any way “less than”.


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