So long 2016…


This last year has been a rough one for many of us, and for numerous reasons; however, it is now a new year full of new possibilities. So, let us raise our heads, straighten our shoulders and meet this brand new year head-on!

In this last year, I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I have a heck of a lot more patience than I ever thought possible. Which came in handy more times than I could begin to count.

I became a staff artist and a voice over actor/artist completely by accident. An old friend asked for a favor, then another favor, and the next thing I knew I had these skills and abilities I never knew I was capable of! I am so proud of the work that I do now, and the fact that I keep growing and improving every time I do it.

I started writing more this year, something I never really considered because I didn’t feel I had any solid talent. It seems I don’t need talent, I just need to write until someone says “kudos” just to shut me up. Heh.

I became another year older, with a minimum of nervous breakdowns. I only cried internally, lol. It was a bit depressing that I spent my birthday alone, but I’d likely have been depressed with others around too. It was just another day around here, which may sound sad to some but for me it was the norm.

I survived spending another holiday season without my mother here with me, and I was sure I wouldn’t be able to. The pain was present, and intense but I managed to push through it. That in itself was a major achievement for me.

The brightest part of my year was finding the love of my life, or rather, the love of my life found me. She came out of nowhere, and totally blindsided me. I wasn’t looking for anyone, and certainly not anyone to fall in love with. I’m not easy to impress, so when I say she made me fall hard, know that I am speaking of a truly special and magnificent person to be able to break through my defenses so easily.

Overall, my 2016 wasn’t especially exciting. I didn’t see amazing sights, or break new grounds, or explore the world. I did find a whole new version of myself I never knew was there. I look forward to getting to know her better in 2017, with a great woman by my side for it all.

Happy New Year my darlings! I hope you find your bliss!


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