Social Media Landmines

Ever since the election here in the US, social media has become a mine field ready to blow at any moment and take out any who happen to be within the blast radius. Long time friends, family members, lovers, and so on are at each other’s throats over differences in views.

I do understand the passion many people are feeling with their views and opinions right now, but what I can’t relate to is the need to attack people you once called “friend” because they don’t agree with you.

I keep my Twitter page politics-free, there’s so much political fueled rage going around there lately that I feel like any port in a storm is necessary. So, I guess I feel like it’s the least I can do to keep my feed free of the angry political flotsam and jetsam that is going around everywhere else. My Facebook friends; however, are not afforded the same courtesy. Those poor souls have known me for the better part of a decade, they should’ve known better.

I do understand the deep anger so many people are experiencing right now, but I guess I find it hard to relate to the urge to lash out at everyone that doesn’t agree or feel exactly the same way. That logic doesn’t make sense to me, or perhaps I’m just not a very confrontational person. I prefer to pick and choose my battles, rather than go in guns blazing every time something gets in my craw.

The world is becoming harsher every day, and the only way I see it getting any easier is if we as a people come together and put aside as much petty BS as possible and try to work together. “Every man for himself” isn’t going to work much longer without turning the world inward so that it inevitably begins to cannibalize itself.

Well, I don’t usually hop up on a soap box and now won’t be any different. So, this little rant/grumble is over. *packs up soap box and moves on to other things*

Hang in there folks. Tomorrow is another day.



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