No rest for the wicked…

It seems like lately I am always busy. With my new role co-hosting for the Twisted Geekdom podcast, voice acting, part-timing as a PA, advertising for this or that, trying to make time for my friends and my loved ones, and trying to maintain some semblance of sanity… it’s all very exhausting.

So far I’m really enjoying being a podcast co-host. I still have a lot to learn, but I’ve noticed every time I’m on air I am just a little better at it than I was the time before. I enjoy interacting with the guests, and the other hosts. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s also hard work. I enjoy the challenge of it all.  I probably take some of it a little too seriously, but I like to be professional and try to do the best work I possibly can. I feel like the people that listen to the show deserve the best version of me possible… even when I am being corny and ridiculous.

My voice acting has also improved quite a bit as I’ve continued doing it. Sure, there are days when I get so tongue tied that my reels are full of bloopers, and profuse profanity; however, I’m becoming more confident each time I have a recording session.

I’ve recently started trying to help book guests for the podcast. It’s a little awkward for me, as I feel like I am pestering people by even asking. I’m glad to do it though, there are so many people I’d love to be able to interview on air and I really enjoy being able to contribute any way that I can.

I haven’t had much time for writing; personal blogs, interviews, or otherwise. I feel like I’m neglecting this aspect of my social media presence, but sometimes there’s not much you can do about it.

With the tax return season kicking off, it’s been nice not to have to worry about stretching every single dollar until it becomes transparent. The simple joys of being able to go to the grocery and pick up something as frivolous as a bag of pretzels and not feel overwhelming guilt over it is priceless. Also, having a new cell phone that actually works is a very nice change of pace in and of itself.

It’s nice to have a vehicle to get around with again. After the car accident we were involved in at the beginning of September (maybe late August), we did not have a car until today because the old car was totaled in the wreck. So, yeah, really nice not to have to walk everywhere or have to beg for rides from family and friends.

As for me personally, I’ve lost 2 lbs i the last month. My sleep schedule is still pretty much crap… meaning I am generally up all night, and I sleep all day. Of course this truly sucks, but when I’m stressed or experiencing a depressive cycle the first thing to end up skewed is my sleep schedule.

Soon, hopefully, me and my gorgeous significant other will be moving into a new apartment. One that is all ours, a place we can call home and not have to share with a demented room mate from hell. I’m definitely looking forward to that. We get along so well, better than either of us have ever gotten along with someone we’ve been in a relationship with. It’s really wonderful to be with someone that listens when you speak, pays attention to the small details about you, is genuinely interested in the same things you are, loves you exactly the way you are, you love them exactly the way they are, and the mere thought of them brightens your entire day no matter how blue you might be feeling. I’m not a sappy person, in the least, but I’ll be damned if I’m not the luckiest woman in the world to be with such an amazing person.

I’m having a lot of instances of body pains, especially in my back/shoulders/neck. I’m pretty sure it’s from stress/tension. Also, I tend to hunch when I’m working at my laptop. It’s a bad habit of mine, but I tend to forget to use good posture when I get engrossed in doing something. I tend to get tunnel vision when I work, I am notorious for fixating on what’s right in front of me and not noticing the fact that I am in pain or might be in fact causing my pain.

Well, I suppose I’ve hit on all of the major updates involving me. If I’ve left anything out, it probably wasn’t really that important to begin with. I suppose I will wrap this up, it is rather late and I am very tired. I also still have a few things to do before I can even think about going to bed. Until next time folks. Take care.


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