I’m Done with Winter! Come on Spring!

Image Credit: (Unknown)

Winter is finally starting to wind down, and spring is right around the corner. It’s that time of year where it’s still cold, snowy, and cold germs are running amok. I want to be happy about the fact that we’re on the final stretch before spring begins to bloom; however, the phlegm, coughing, and snow flurries have me somewhat unexcited over things to come.

Here in my little corner of mid-east America it’s been sunny, but still very cold. We’ve had days where the temperature has reached in the mid 60s (fahrenheit), and then two days later we’re lucky if it’s in the mid 30s (fahrenheit).

I don’t know about anyone else, but I find it rather depressing when it’s beautifully sunny outside but the wind is so cold it makes your face feel like it is going to crack and shatter off if you grimace too hard.

Daylight Saving has come and gone, and I find myself once again annoyed at the loss of an hour of my precious sleep. We’ve been raised to believe that Daylight Saving exists to help farmers, but I’ve heard most farmers find it as inconvenient as everyone else does. Apparently it disrupts the milking schedules for their cows, and gums up the works in their normally clock-work running routines. The truth is we continue to be subjected to using Daylight Saving time so that we as a commercial public will continue to spend money. Revenue is built on us having an extra hour to shop every day during these parts of the year. Apparently we keep the economy growth in flux when we lose a much needed hour of sleep.  Anyone else find this to be outdated and useless? I know I do. Also, I really need my sleep. I’m like a rabid bear when I’m short-changed on my sleep.

Moving right along. I’m eager to be done with sweatpants weather. I’m done with having dry, flaky skin and stale air to breathe when I’m indoors. So, to everyone else out there like me that is so very done with this cold weather: hang in there. We’ll get our warm weather soon. We just need to grit our teeth and keep picturing our happy places until we get there.

You warm climate people: it’s great for y’all that you live in warm, temperate areas but seriously could y’all PLEASE shut up about it?! We cold weather folks are so very done with hearing about it. We have snowballs, and we are NOT afraid to use them! *chuckles*

I can’t wait until I can go outside without having to layer for dear life. I’m starting to feel like a Himalayan Sherpa, except I’m guiding people to the car so we can go buy cereal and bread from the grocery store. Maybe next year I should invest in a mountain goat, to load up with sports drinks and snacks in case I get lost in the 100 feet from my front door to where the car is parked. *ponders* Nah, I’d just end up naming it “Daisy” and take it for walks around the neighborhood like it were a giant gangling puppy. LOL. I love animals too much to use them for manual labor; however, I have a room mate I don’t mind using as a pack mule. *snickers*


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