Blog Chaos! The reason my page has run amok!


Firstly I’d really like to apologize to everyone if my blog has been posting old links to my various social media(s) I have linked to my blog. I tried to make sure they were turned off from being shared to while I was fixing posts, re-arranging pages, and so on; however, I’m sure in my frenzied state to get everything sorted some of it probably was missed or overlooked entirely.

For quite some time now I’ve been wanting to do a complete overhaul on my page/blog here on wordpress, and since I am currently using the free service through them my options for customization are really rather limited.
So much so that for the longest time I couldn’t even change the background image on my site page, or do much in the way of customizing the header… until now. I don’t know if they decided to be a bit more flexible with the free templates, or if my potato of a laptop finally decided to let me access the links needed for further customization but this happy crappy little cyber geek jumped right in and got to work! LOL.

I haven’t found the perfect background I want to use yet, but the one I put up is much better (to me anyway) than the one I was previously stuck with. It’ll certainly work for now.

I also wanted to remove some blog posts from my navigation bar, but couldn’t figure out how. I don’t honestly remember how I got them up there is the first place, so doing it in reverse wasn’t an option. Hence why I had to repost those old interviews, so the posts that were perma-linked to the nav-bar would then disappear. I was hoping that would work, and it did very well indeed. The quick links to the interviews are still available on the “Interviews” tab, I updated the links there so no one needs sift through my various old blog entries to find interviews. Any future interviews will be quick linked there as well for the same reason.

I also want to update the personal information about me on the website, make it sleeker and more relevant. I noticed I rambled a bit with the original posts and would like to cut out all the excess BS.

I’ve also added links to many of my social media sites, so that if anyone on here would like to get more info on either my work, or projects I am involved with they will be able to do so.

I’m still not finished with the page reconstruction, so again I apologize for any inconvenience it is causing anyone. I can assure everyone though, that the fixes I am making now will be the only ones I should need to do for the quite foreseeable future.

Thanks for bearing with me.



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