Resource: Creative Commons & Copyright Info Simplified

As writers, artists, musicians, and so forth have you ever wondered where you stand as far as copyrighting goes? I’m sure you have, anyone that has ever one anything creative and shared it online has at some point or another considered their copyright entitlements, or have had to seek information regarding the DMCA/DMCA Take-down procedures (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Believe me, if you ask anyone that has had to get involved in initiating a DMCA take-down (removal of your copyright material used by a second, third, or fourth [etc] party claiming ownership over said content), that it is a colossal pain in the sphincter.

So, here is a little chart I came across earlier today (I did NOT make it, and I do NOT know who did. I claim NO credit over the material. I am using it for a non-profit, instructional purpose ONLY.) and I figured I would share it so that hopefully someone that might previously not have known about their copyright privileges will now know.

I would suggest getting in touch with a professional that works with copyright law, and can set up your specific needs based on what/how/when/etc but if you want to wing it and just cover your ass read the chart provided, see which applies to you and you can then download the applicable copyright label and post it with/on all of your work(s).

Hope this helps in some way.


Here is an example of a copyright label:



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