Complaints of Not Enough “White” in New Star Trek… Seriously?! Oh FFS!

USS Enterprise Stock Photo Property of G. Roddenberry & Paramount Pictures

I couldn’t make this crap up if I tried. I just stumbled across a story about the new trailer for “Star Trek: Discovery”, it was written by Ryan General of From what I could glean by skimming the article, a lot of people are apparently upset by how FEW caucasian actors(tresses) there are in this latest addition to the franchise. Really, people? Really?

I was in a bitter rage when I found out they had COMPLETELY changed the physical aesthetic of the Klingons, though it is true they have done so before; however, I think upgrading from the tanned looking cabana boys in gold lamè to the bold, stern, and visually striking warrior’s that they became classically known for was definitely the right move. But, speaking as someone who did in fact see the leaked photos of the new “Klingons”, I saw no need. I was not impressed. If anything I was grossly disappointed. Anyway though, I digress.

With as many projects as Hollywood has been “white-washing” lately (e.g. Ghost in the Shell, Death Note, etc) are people seriously getting their panties in a twist because for ONCE there is a film with a decent amount of actors of a darker pigment being cast in something that is NOT about robbing, banging, thugging, or dealing… you know, pretty much anything stereotypical that the average redneck, white man USA expects to see his people of “color”.

I’m white, and I for one and happy to see some diversity the next time I go to see a film that RUINED the fundamental part of its own canon and makes me want to curl up into a ball and sing loud Klingon operas about Kah’less. *sniffles* QAPLA’!


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