Charlie… The Awesome, Yet Gassy

stock photo: no copyright infringements

I’d like to take a few moments to talk about someone I know that is a genuinely great person, but they get shat on by the Universe way more than anyone deserves to be. She is kind, generous, big-hearted, funny, willing to do almost anything for anybody; yet, she rarely gets the same considerations in return.

My friend and colleague, Charlie, is a strong person. She shoulders a lot, and somehow manages to keep standing. Honestly, if I were in her shoes, I don’t know if I could do the same.

She works hard every day to make sure that her and her family aren’t struggling to get by. She takes unwavering diligent care of her mother, whom is not in the best of health currently and has not been for quite some time. She takes care of her mother’s daily needs, and does it not because it is expected of her but because she wants her mother to be cared for… properly.

She makes time for her spouse, and though they are newlyweds they have put a lot of things aside, things they would love to be able to do as newlyweds because Charlie is needed at home right now.

Charlie makes time for her friends, and always tries to keep a good face on, even when she’s feeling miserable. She rarely, if ever complains, even during times when anyone else most certainly would.

She is a fairly new friend to me, but I’ve already noticed a strength in her that is found in very few people. She may act like things do not bother her, but they do, same as anyone else her feelings can be hurt. She can get overwhelmed, or have a bad day.

I think sometimes she feels like she isn’t appreciated by very many people, and I’m not suggesting anything that she does is for appreciation, because it’s not. I just know that it can hurt, deeply, when you feel like no one appreciates anything that you do for them. I want her to know that I appreciate her, and everything she has ever done for me. Even the smallest things, like a goofy text in the middle of the night. Those things combined with her personality, and her off-beat sense of humor are the main reasons why I am so glad to call her a friend.

Far too often in ours lives, we have people we take for granted. We don’t intend to do so, but it happens. Sometimes, we forget that just because someone will do anything for you that doesn’t mean they should always have to. This is why I ask for nothing from her but a smart-ass remark here and there.

Well, rock on Charlie. You’re a great person and I know a lot of people that would be lost without your pterodactyl screeching.


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