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My name is Autumn, aka “WoahLock™”. I’m a smartass. I’m from Ohio, in the United States. I’ve lived in several different states through out my life, as well as several different addresses within those states. We moved around a LOT when I was growing up, so I spent a lot of my time watching television. It was a constant friend, no matter where we were. I know for a fact that I watched things that were not age-appropriate, and that those things had a direct impact on forming my sense of humor as I became an adult,

When I wasn’t glued to a tv, I had my nose in a book. As a child I was always too smart for my own good, and always had a wise-ass remark for anything anyone ever said to me.  AP classes and a sharp wit can cause a kid to be a bit of an outsider, and I was no exception.

Even now, many years later, I still tend to be a loner. Preferring my own company and humor to that of others. I also have a few issues with anxiety, and depression, and a history of physical and psychological abuse from many different sources in my life. I have PTSD, agoraphobia (fear of open spaces, crowds of people), I am Bipolar 1 (manic and depressive roller coaster), and I get overwhelmed easily.

I’m also a very weird and eccentric person. There’s no real rhyme or reason to the things I like and dislike. I’m predictable in my unpredictability. I’m an extremely honest person, even when it might hurt. I don’t like drama, I avoid it at all costs. I don’t generally discuss politics or religion, because of the drama factor involved when people disagree with you. That doesn’t mean I lack an opinion, it just means I prefer to choose my battles a little more carefully and I don’t like to argue just for the sake of arguing.


I enjoy writing, playing video games, drawing, and being a positive presence on social media. In that I mean, I call myself a social media “troll”, but I have turned the term into something that means: I lurk in the shadows on social media (e.g. Twitter®, Facebook®, Tumblr®, etc), and when I see someone having a bad day or just feeling bad in general, I leap out, make a stupid joke or two (non-harmful ones, funny only) and I attempt to cheer them up. Then, I disappear back under my little “bridge”, until I am needed once more. I’m the troll of good intentions.

I have an amazing, and stunning fianceé whom I love with every ounce of my being. She supports me in everything that I do. she loves me unconditionally, and she brightens my every day with her beautiful face, her loving smile, and her big heart. No matter how bad I feel, or how angry I am, one look at her and it all just melts away. She is my rock. She keeps me sane in a world determined to drive me crazy. I would not be who I am today, if not for the steady, and unwavering love she gives me. She is my absolute everything. Everything I do in this life, is for her. I’d be nothing without her by my side.
••• Her EDM music links are allover my page. She produced, and created them all herself. Please support her by heading over to her bandcamp page and purchasing some of her music. Even just sharing her page would be an immense help to us financially. •••

I do what I can to avoid toxic people, and toxic situations. I was once a very toxic person, especially online. I was a full-blown “asshat”, for many years. The type of person most people can’t stand to be around, or associate with; however, I slowly realized how miserable I was making both myself and other people. So, I started to change my attitude. I still have moments where I can be over the top, or overly dramatic when I’m upset but I no longer lash out and try to make others feel bad just because I do. Instead, I use constructive methods of expressing my negative emotions. One of which being, my blog. It really can be an excellent outlet for those with trouble expressing themselves to others, I would suggest giving it a try if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by life, emotions, or messed up situations sometimes.

I’m overweight, and I make no apologies for it. Yes, it is unhealthy for me to be overweight. I am aware of that fact; however, I am NOT less of a person because I have a few fat rolls. I exercise, I don’t eat junk food, and I don’t eat insane portions of food either. I have thyroid problems that make it very difficult for me to lose weight. I am comfortable in my body, and I will not feel bad for not being a size “whatever“, or weighing “X pounds“. I’m me, and I’m fairly awesome as I am.

If there’s anything else you really want to know, feel free to either contact me via my website or follow me on Twitter®. I don’t hold back much, except the most personal of details that no one should share online. Otherwise, I’m pretty much an open book.

Be sure to check out my “Links Worth Checking Out” page for links to all kinds of great resources, projects, artwork, content, and awesome people in general!