“The Vaudevillian Mis-Adventures of WoahLock™”© is a series of short , comedic stories written by me. None of the events in the stories are real, none of the people in the stories are real, none of the scenarios involving carnage or maiming are real. These are merely a new way for me to convey my moods without coming out and saying “I feel  _____” every single time.
This means the stories’ flow, tone, structure, and so forth may change dramatically with each story.
Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to read my little stories. I am not a professional writer, so please excuse spelling and/or grammatical errors. And remember, these are just for fun and to express myself in a constructive way.

••• Prose – Quick Links •••

On this page you will find quick links to my comedy blog posts, short stories, poems, etc so that you will not need to sift through numerous blog entries to find those specific posts. I hope this makes it more convenient for those of you that want to keep up with my stories, how my writing is progressing, and also if there’s a favorite piece someone has that becomes an “older” post it will still be easily accessible.
Please feel free to share these with others, and also feel free to leave me comments regarding them (or anything else).
Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for reading my ramblings and other machinations. I appreciate it very much.

Autumn “WoahLock”™ J.H. © 2017

Be sure to check out my “Links Worth Checking Out” page for links to all kinds of great resources, projects, artwork, content, and awesome people in general!


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